The Many Layers of Cannabis: Using CBD topically helps benefit your skin

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However you use it, cannabis truly provides a full body experience. From pain relief to better sleep, this dynamic plant has broad advantages, and is great for the body, both inside and out.

While the focus tends to be on its internal use, there are many benefits for its topical application – some of which may surprise you.

For one, cannabis is excellent for dry skin. Compounds called cannabinoids found in the plant help stimulate the oil-producing glands in the epidermis called sebaceous glands. Using topical cannabis products can help the skin produce more sebum, allowing it to stay hydrated naturally by sealing moisture in.

If skin shows signs of inflammation, either caused from excessive dryness or other factors, cannabis can help with that too. The cannabinoids work with the body’s endocannabinoid system to help promote balance within many functions of the body. Receptors in our skin help direct the cannabidol where it needs to go to help the body achieve homeostasis.

This is especially helpful for those suffering from painful skin conditions like eczema, where the skin becomes inflamed, itchy and irritating. Thankfully, the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis can help provide some welcome relief.

The same goes for psoriasis, which is a chronic skin condition that can cause patches of red scaly skin that are often painful and itchy. The symptoms are caused by the rapid replication of skin cells which causes a scaly build-up on the skin. Studies have shown that using CBD topically helps slow down the production of these cells, as well provide pain relief from the aggravating symptoms.

Whether or not you’ve experienced the severe, above-mentioned skin conditions, chances are you’ve experienced sunburn. Applying CBD products to sunburned skin provides effective relief by soothing irritation. Not only does CBD immediately target inflammation, it directly interacts with a specific cell receptor called TRPV1, which is responsible for controlling our perceived sensation to heat. Treating sunburn with CBD not only lessens the pain and uncomfortable itchiness, it calms the skin and helps it cool down.

Give it a try and see firsthand how topical CBD can work for you. Our Body Butter and Topical Ointment help protect and restore the skin, and are suited for all skin types.

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