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The Perfect Match: Finding the Right Balance between CBD and THC for Lasting Effects

For those who enjoy cannabis for both its therapeutic and recreational qualities, it’s a common phenomenon to experience a point where its impact begins to change. To preface, while hemp-derived CBD is safe and effective for most people to use, recreational cannabis isn’t for everybody.  Everyone reacts differently to the psychoactive properties of THC, and […]

The Many Layers of Cannabis: Using CBD topically

Using CBD on the skin, topical, ointment, salve, eczema, dry, scaly, itchy

However you use it, cannabis truly provides a full body experience. From pain relief to better sleep, this dynamic plant has broad advantages, both inside and out. While the focus tends to be on its internal use, there are topical applications – some of which may surprise you. One application is for dry skin. Compounds […]