CBD Product Labels Explained

Mitchell's Medicinals label

With CBD products making headway in popularity for their multitude of health benefits, you may have noticed there’s a lot of information in the fine print.  From processing to proper dosage, here are a few tips to help you decipher CBD labels.

Mitchell's Medicinals label

Check the ingredients:

Just like you would when buying food at the grocery store, the first step is reading the label to make sure you’re getting the best quality.  Look to see if there’s anything added like artificial ingredients, sweeteners, GMO’s, or additives, as well as where the plant extracts are sourced.  A good rule of thumb is the fewer ingredients, the better. Additionally, be sure that the company’s name is forefront and their contact information is clearly stated so that you can further your research.

Triple check:

Another thing to check is that the company’s products are third-party certified – meaning, that they’ve had an unbiased lab examine the final product before hitting the shelves.  This is especially important in the non-FDA regulated state of cannabis products where flashy marketing can try to mask an inferior product to get the sale.

A word on extraction methods:

There are many ways to extract CBD compounds from cannabis, but not all methods are created equal.  Beware of products that use solvents like butane or hexane, which are both harmful to the environment, as well as to the body.  CO2 extractions is cheaper and most common. Cold Ethanol extraction is the best option for a more complete, full spectrum extract.  

The nitty gritty:

Looks can be deceiving. Be sure that the amount of CBD in the product is clearly stated, as well as the product’s volume.  Just because one brand has a larger bottle, it may have the same amount of CBD as a bottle that’s half the size. Bigger isn’t always better – but can make for a clever marketing ploy.

Just for sake of comparison:

1500mg in 30ml for $135 is very different from 1500mg in 60ml for $180. You’re getting the same amount of CBD in each, it’s just that the 60ml is more dilute.


Knowing how much CBD the product contains will help determine the proper amount to take in order to achieve the most benefit based on the reason for use.  The proper dose can be tricky to calculate. Everyone’s body is different, so it’s best to start with small doses to determine your needs.

Sublingual absorption of cbd

For our sublingual drops, we recommend starting gradually, placing 3-5 drops under the tongue, 2-3 times a day, then increasing the dose by a few drops as needed to provide relief. Each bottle has a different concentration per drop, so we advise you to read the label carefully. As always, please contact us with any dosage questions.

A little information can save a lot of confusion when it comes to finding the right CBD product. Click here to learn firsthand what Mitchell’s Medicinals can do for you!